Discover The Wonders Of Nature
Through 500+ Quality Beutifully Illustrated Animal Coloring Pages

Discover The Wonders Of Nature

Through 17 Natural Coloring Books ( 500 + Animal Coloring Pages)

Modern early education theories stress the importance of providing children with activities they can enjoy and accomplish at their own pace. The 17 natural coloring books have been developed with this in mind. These coloring pagess explore all types of animals, from the first primitive amphibians to crawl onto the land to the animals that inhabit our planet today. These books are about the wondrous array of animal life we find around us.

From awesome giants, extinct and living, to the tiniest crawling creatures, these books offer a survey of life that will entertain, delight and stimulate young minds. These well-drawn, informative and creatively challenging coloring pages are a great way to learn about the diversity and interrelatedness of animal life on Earth.

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This Bundle Of 17 Coloring Books Features

500+ Beautiful Quality Drawings To Color In | With animals in their natural habitats

A Great Way To Pass The Time | High-quality illustrations that kids and adults alike love to colour in

Access Them Instantly | Delivered as downloads, you can print them immediately

Gain Unlimited Access | Print and color the books as many times as you like

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Perfect For Creative Learning | For school, homeschooling, or just for fun

Delivered to you instantly in the form of downloadable e-books, the Natural Coloring series can never be filled up and tossed out. You can print pages over and over. If your children enjoy these pages and keep the files in their computers, they may well be passed along to your children’s children. With more than 300 images to choose from, these books will give curious young minds many hours and days of interactive educational fun.5

Birds Coloring Books

Birds Coloring Book One(Cover: Painted Bunting) 
Flamingo/ Pelican/ Emperor Penguin/ Red Tail Hawk/ King Fisher/ Peregrine Falcon/ Sandpiper/ Puffin/ Andean Condor/ Whooping Crane / Seagull/ Canada Goose/ Mallard/ Painted Bunting/ Killdeer/ Diatryma  / Lyre Bird/ Pheasant/ Macaws and Parrot/ Barn Owl/ Red Macaw/ Great/ Horned Owl/ Cockatous/ Adjutant Stork/ Griffon Vulture/ Ostrich/ Secretary Bird/ Grouse/ Barn Swallow/ Chickadees 

Birds Coloring Book Two(Cover: Toucan)
Rainbow Lorakeet/ Dodo/ Cassowary/ Waxwing/ Kiwi/ Ivory Bil/ Woodpecker/ California Condor/ Steller’s Blue Jay / Toucan / Scrub Jay    / Adele Penguin/ Red Wing Blackbird/ Rooster/ Emu/  Archeopteryx/ Hummingbird/ Golden Eagle/  Burrowing Owl/ Magpie/ Albatross/ Robin  / Snowy Owl/ Crested Ibis/ Hornbill/ Egret/ Spoonbill/ Wild Turkey / Peacock/  Red Cap Woodpecker/ Cockatiel


Crawly Creepers Coloring Books

Crawly Creepers Coloring Book One(Cover: Katydid)   
Bug/ Komodo Dragon/ Common Frog/ Tokay Gecko/ Japanese Beetle    / Snail / Mouse in the Leaves/ Centipede / Panama Golden Frog/ Praying Mantis/ Cameleon/ Ant / Green Anole/ Scorpion/ Lady Bug / Iguana/ Cricket/ Crab/ Cobra/ Tarantula/ Katydid/ Tuatara

 Crawly Creepers Coloring Book Two (Cover: Horned Lizard)   
 Stag Beetle/ Gila Monster/ Daddy Long Legs/ Caterpillar/ Rattlesnake/ Honey Bee/ Giant Tortoise/ Horned Lizard/ Rhinoceros Beetle/ Flying Lizard / African Bull Frog/ Grasshopper/ Basilisk/ Axolotl / Crayfish/ Walking Stick / Fire Salamander/ Naked Mole Rat/ Pond Turtle/ Banana Slug/ Alligator/ Pytho


Dinosaurs & Early Mammals Coloring Books

Dinosaurs and Early Mammals Book One (Cover: Stegasaurus)    Icthyostega/ Seymouria/ Cynognathus/ Dicynodont/ Megazostradon / Coelophysis/ Dryosaurus/ Brachiosaurus/ Allosaurus/ A. Fragillimus/ Tyrannosaurus Rex/ Ankylosaurus/ Microraptor/ Triceratops/ Pacycephalosaurus/ Parasarolophus/ Protoceratops/ Pteranodon/ Stegasaurus/ Mosasaur/ Gigantosaurus/ Hadrocodium/ Hyracotherium/ Eohippus/ Diatryma/ Uintatherium/ Megatherium/ Coelodonta/  Gigantopithecus/ 

Dinosaurs and Early Mammals Book Two  (Cover: Pteradactyl)  Eryops   / Dimetrodon/ Icthyosaurus/ Moschops/  Plesiosaur/ Dilophasaurus/ Dimorphodon/  Apatosaurus/  Pteradactyl/ Archopteryx/ Spinosaurus/ Hypsilophodon/ Microceratops/ Baryonyx /Velociraptor/ Styracosaurus/ Corythosaurus/ Ornithomimus /Morganucodon/ Phosphatherium/  Brontotherium/ Indricotherium/ Amebelodon/ Elasmotherium/ Deinotherium/ Doedicurus/Glyptodon/ Megaloceras/ Sabre Tooth Cat 

In The Trees Coloring Books

In the Trees Coloring Book One
(Cover: Moustashed Guenon) Hummingbird/ Basilisk /Sifaka/ Toucan  / Golden Snub Nose Monkey/ Emperor Tamerin/ Peregrine Falcon/ Lesser Panda/ Slow Loris/ Painted Bunting/ Vervets/ Cockatoos/ Walking Stick    Moustashed Guenon/ Cameleon/ Lyre Bird/ Red Tail Guenon/ Japanese Beetle/ Orangutan/ Diana Guenon/ Gray Squirrel/ Fawn/ Barbary / Macaques/ Syke’s Guenon/ Waxwing/ Bonobos/ Sun Tail Guenon/ Crested Ibis/ Flying Lemur/ Mona Guenon

In the Trees Coloring Book Two(Cover: Flying Lizard) Leopard/ Horn bill/ Black and White colobus/ Ladybug/ Great Horned Owl/ Howler Monkey / Magpie/ Koala/ Crowned Guenon/ Cockatiel/ Chimpanzee/ Scrub Jay/ Pygmy Marmoset/ Wolf’s Guenon/ Red Face Uakari/ Tree Shrew/ Putty Nose Guenon/ Red Cap Woodpecker/ Owl Face Guenon/ Flying Lizard/ Proboscis Monkey/ Possum/ Ruffed Lemur/ Gibbon Family/ Green Anole/ Lesser Spot/ Nose Guenon/ Golden Eagle/ Mouse in the Leaves/ DeBrasso’s Guenon /Macaws and Parrot

In the Trees Coloring Book Three (Cover: Red Macaw) Rainbow Lorakeet / Bug/ Siamang/ Bush Baby / Caterpillar/ Ivory Bill Woodpecker/ Capuchin Monkey/ Ringtail Lemur/ Barn Owl/ Golden Guenon/ Red Tail Hawk/ Red Shank Douc Langur/ Numbat/ Owl Monkey/ Ringtail/ Tarsier/ Python/ Squirrel Monkey/ Panama Golden Frog/ Gibbon/ Sclater’s Guenon/ Steller’s Bluejay/ Red Eared Guenon/ Red Macaw/ Margay/ L’Hoest’s Guenon/ Snowy Owl/ Roloway Guenon/ Kingfisher/ Chickade

Mammals Coloring Books

Mammals Coloring Book One (Cover: Camel) Big Horned Sheep/  Manatee/ Elephant Seal/ Vicuna/ Walrus/ Yak/ Orca/ Sifaka/ Wolf’s / Guenon/ Humpback Whale/ Armadillo/ Crab Eating Macaque/ Giant / Anteater/ Putty Nose Guenon/ Sun Tail Guenon/ Coyote/ Skunk / Red/ Eared Guenon/ Leaf Nose Bat/ Springbok/ Syke’s Guenon/ Bactrian / Camel / Black Back Jackal / River Otter/ Przeswalski’s Horse/ Red Tail Guenon/ Aardvark/ Meerkat/ Elephant/ Baboon/ Gemsbok

Mammals Coloring Book Two(Cover: Red Fox) Dolphin/ Long Tail/ Weasel / Platypus/ Pronghorn Antelope/ Hippopotamus/ Owl Face/ Guenon/ Kangaroo/ Diana Guenon/ Tapir/ Mandril/ Fenec/ Cheetah/ Asian Rhinoceros/  Wild Pig/ Banded Mongoose/ Mona Guenon/ Bobcat/ Crowned Guenon/ Black Foot Ferret/ Babirusa / Red Fox/ Elephant Shrew/ Mule Deer Family/  Buffalo/ Naked Mole Rat/ Cougar/ Wildebeest / Douc Langur/  Ringtail/ Howler Monkey/ Golden Guenon

Mammals Coloring Book Three   Gray Squirrel  Chimpanzee/ DeBrasso’s Guenon/ Lesser Spot Nose Guenon/ Gibbons/  Elephant Family/ Wild Horses/ Roloway Guenon/ Snow Leopard/ Sclater’s Guenon/  Rhesus Macaque/ Black Rhinoceros/ L’Hoest’s Guenon/  Sun Bear/ Emperor Tamerin/ Red Face Uakari/ Tree Shrew/ Koala/ Gray Fox    Possum/ Moustashed Guenon/ Tarsier/ Ringtail Lemur/ Jackrabbit/ Numbat/ Warthog/ Slow Loris/ Siamang/ Star Nose Mole/ Lion Head / Capuchin Monkey/ Raccoon

Mammals Coloring Book Four (Cover: Margay)   Diana Guenon/ Flying / Lemur/ Marmoset/ Squirrel Monkey/ Wolf/ Zebra/ Vervet Eating Fries / Panda/ Badger/ Jaguar/ Kangaroo Rat/ Grizzly Bear/ Okapi/ Gorilla Head/ Chipmunk/ DeBrasso’s Guenon/ Giraffes/ Bonobos/ Lion on a Rock/ Lesser Panda/ Orangutan/ Leopard/ Tarsier/ Tiger Head/ Vervets/ Fawn/ Margay/ Moose/ Gorilla/ Mouse in the Leaves/ Tiger/ Barbary Macaques

Primates Coloring Books

 Primates Coloring Book One (Cover: Silverback)   Howler Monkey/   Bonobos/ Tarsier/ L’Hoest’s Guenon/ Silverback/ Barbary Macaques/ Marmoset/ Proboscis Monkey/ Roloway Guenon/ Vervet Eating Fries/ Lesser Spot Nose Guenon/ Gorilla/ Head DeBrasso’s Guenon/ Mandril    Capuchin Monkey/ Gibbon Family/ Emperor Tamerin/ Mona Guenon/ Crab Eating Macaque/ Gorilla/ Owl Face Guenon/ Ruffed Lemur/ Gelada Baboon/ Owl Monkey 

Primates Coloring Book Two (Cover: Squirrel Monkey)    Orangutan/ Slow Loris/ Golden Guenon/ Sun Tail Guenon/ Siamang/ Ringtail Lemur/ Moustashed Guenon/ Red Face Uakari/ Rhesus Macaques/ Squirrel Monkey / Sifaka/ Chimpanzee/ Sclater’s Guenon/ Golden Snub Nose Monkey/ Syke’s Guenon/ Bush Baby/ Crowned Guenon/ Pygmy Marmoset/ Diana Guenon/ Red Shanked Douc Langur/ Red Tail Guenon/ Black and White Colobus/ Monkey/ Red Eared Guenon/ Vervets

Sea & Seashore Coloring Books

Sea and Seashore Animals Coloring Book One
(Cover: Clown Fish) 
Crab/ Albatross/ Hammerhead Shark/ Horseshoe Crab/ Marine Iguana/ Sea Horse/ Elephant Seal/ Clown Fish/ Grouper/ Dolphin/ Hermit Crab/ Puffin/ Sea Lion/ Tide Pool/ Manta Ray/ Saddleback Butterfly Fish/ Sperm Whale/ Cow Fish/ Emperor Penguin/ Sun Fish/ Saw Fish/Cuttlefish/ Walrus

Sea and Seashore Animals Coloring Book Two(Cover: Sea Otter)  Striped Butterfly Fish/ Jellyfish/ Sandpiper/ Ghost Crab/ Sea Turtle/ Humpback Whale/ Giant Squid/ Pelican/ Sea Otter/ Adele Penguin/ Orca/ Seagull/ Nautilus/ Frigate Bird/ Angel Fish/ Coelocanth/ Octopus/ Flying Fish/ Manatee/ Sail Fish/ Crab Eating Macaque/ Butterfly Blenn

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Delivered to you instantly in the form of downloadable e-books, the Natural Coloring series can never be filled up and tossed out. You can print pages over and over. If your children enjoy these pages and keep the files in their computers. With more than 500 images to choose from, these books will give curious young minds many hours and days of interactive educational fun.

What You Will Get From The 17 Natural Coloring Books

Sample Pages from the Natural Coloring Books

More Testimonials

“Wonderul illustrations! My students have so much fun …. A big thanks!  -Jane

Bright and colourful with great graphics to attract their attention. Great for my 4 years old son. Thanks a million! 

– Brooke
Thank you very much for the nice materials for kids early learning which is really helpful. Thank you.
– A. S.
I really appreciate your work. I like your colouring pages so much i use them with my kids and the book is really fantastic…Thank you very much!
– Nancy
I have already sent mails to my friends so that they can also see and provide their feedback. I found it very nice as my 4 year princess can use it and she is very excited to use these books.
– Ashley
Thank you so much. I have e-mailed my friends who have kids and who I know will love this too!
– Anne
I would like to congratulate you on this book and others in your selection, I have downloaded a few of them and can say my grandchildren have had hours of fun and learning. Thankyou and keep up the good work.
– Bill

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All of the pages of the 17 Nautural Coloring Books are in PDF format and can be downloaded and used immediately and over and over again. (Every child has their favorite pages and characters and with the ebooks, you can print these pages over and over again giving your child plenty of fun and extra learning opportunities.) As soon as your order is processed, you will be redirected to a web page where you can access the Jumbo workbooks and download as needed using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Children and adults who are interested inthe  nature and animal world.  The 17 Natural Coloring Books is aslo great supplemental teaching material for school teachers and home schooling carers. 

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The Origin Story

Created By Guy Colwell

What inspired Guy Colwell to start doing colouring pages a couple of years ago was a child in his life who loved to colour. He thought most of the colouring books available were either very commercial cartoons or, worse, showed extremely poor artistic merit. He, therefore, wanted to do a few pages that would be well-drawn, educational and a little more challenging than what he’d been seeing. 

Colwell drew on his love of nature and knowledge of zoology to do some pictures of the animals he considered amazing. Some of the inspiration came from direct observation of wild animals in nature and from work in zoos as a docent. Colwell had done many wilderness hiking trips, even one 3000-mile trek across the U.S., journeys around Europe with a backpack and several visits to Northern and Southern Africa. Not a few of these animals he studied and sketched in the wild. 

He loved making these drawings so much that soon a “few” pages turned into a hundred pages then two hundred pages. As long as he could see any children enjoying them, he was inspired to do more and more. He expects to be closing in on three hundred pages soon with the added inspiration of publication by ECP Publishing. 

ECPpublishing – Empowerment / Creativity / Prosperity ECP publishing specializes in publishing educational and creative digital content online. ECP publishing has an online audience of around 1 million visitors per year and is known for one of the online world’s best quality children’s coloring books. ECP Publishing is a network of quality websites and creative projects with high global internet rankings achieved through quality content marketing and SEO effort.